Studerande i biblioteket


At Kvinnfolkhögskolan we primarily offer long courses that run for a year or longer. In addition to our long courses, we also have project courses, different types of short courses, summer courses and in-service training. Most of our courses are held in Swedish and are all based on gender perspectives.

Long courses

Our long courses consist of three types: ‘general’ courses; a course for people who wish to learn more Swedish and about Swedish working life and society; and courses in feminist studies. Students participate in study visits, thematic days such as International Women’s Day, common activities and an elective subject. Several days per year a specific course cooks for the whole school and students and staff are all responsible for cleaning school premises together.

The ‘general courses’ are comprised of studies on elementary or high school level. Completed studies in the general courses give participants eligibility to apply for higher studies at college or university. Furthermore, students develop their critical thinking, their independence and cooperative skills.

Språksam is a course where students practice the Swedish language through reading, writing and speaking both in the classroom, while working with handicrafts and in the school kitchen. The course also includes computer skills and social studies.

We have three different courses focusing on feminist studies. The first of these combines studies in feminist theory with activist film-making. Another course is oriented toward studies in intersectional theories as applied to activism, strategies for social and political change and organizing. Finally, we also offer a part-time distance course on intersectional work, where participants apply intersectional work methods and theories on their work places, associations they may be active in, etc.

Project courses

Project courses usually run for less than a year and are held in cooperation with other actors.

At the moment we offer a 12-week long course for those who have not completed elementary or high school studies and who wish to try studying at a folk high school. The course is held in cooperation with Arbetsförmedlingen, the main placement service for work in Sweden.

Short courses

During the school year we usually offer a variety of short courses, often held in conjunction with other actors. During the autumn of 2013 we will offer courses in queer salsa, queer tango, self-defense for asylum-seeking women or women without documents and a travelling course that will explore feminist movements in different parts of Europe.