Meet Atiqa Shahid, a student of Master’s in Gendering Practices who is doing an internship at Kvinnofolkhögskolan

Meet Atiqa Shahid

My Name is Atiqa Shahid and I come from Pakistan. I am a student of Master’s in Gendering Practices, Institute of Cultural Studies, Gothenburg University. I have worked for Human Rights, my area of focus has been Gender, Women and Children Rights.

Internship at Kvinnofolkhögskolan

As part of my Master’s programme in Gendering Practices I am doing an internship at Kvinnofolkhögskolan. The aim of this internship is to learn; 

  1. How feminist theoratical approaches are practiced within the feminist organisations.
  2. To learn intersectional and interdiciplinary challenges within the field of educational practices within feminist perspectives.
  3. How equality work is done through feminist policies against discrimination.

To learn and enhance my Knowledge, skills and techniques in this field I have been doing;

  1. Interaction with different student groups.
  2. Learning about Feminist Folkbildning.
  3. Analyzing & updating policy documents.

Posters by Atiqa Shahid

One of the posters is about climate feminism and the other is a revolutionary poem by Habib Jalib, a renowned poet in South Asia. 

Poster about climate feminism.

Poster with a poem by the poet Habib Jalib.

Contact Atiqa on Instagram at @atiqashahid

Thank you Atiqa!