23 september 2017

Sister Act Vogue vs Punking Whacking

An chronicled history and exploration of the development of the artforms from LGBTQ+ movement of NYC and LA

Kvinnofolkhögskolan has the honor to welcome you to a talk with the dance artist Alyssa Chloe who will introduce vogue´s history and her experience.

Alyssa Chloe will talk about Vogue’s history and experience of the Vogue scene in NYC and GBG. Alyssa will also speak about punking and whacking, sister styles of vogue from LA’s LGBTQ community.

Time: Saturday the 23rd of September, 16-18
Place: Kvinnofolkhögskolan, Första långgatan 28 B


Alyssa Chloe is a dance artist, performer, and instructor who is one of the most distinct dancers to emerge from the NYC underground dance scene. Alyssaís fascination with urban dance propelled an unprecedented move to New York City. In 2003, she was introduced to the underground dance culture and to a highly, elusive dance form from Los Angeles referred to as “punking/whacking”. Alyssaís natural ability and rapid grasp of this form along with other street dance influences to numerous collaborations with several of New York/LAís street dance legends and innovators. She is one of the leading experts within her generation for her unique approach and interpretation of this particular style fusing the revolution with the evolution. She is the founder of Urban Anarchy which is actively, involved in elevating the awareness and education of the art forms of Punking/Whacking and Vogue currently based in Sweden. She is also works with the World Dance Company based in Gothenburg. She has also served as creative advisor for Bring it To The Floor. She is one of the founders and creators of Expose: dance festival, Gothenburg’s premiere Ballroom event and dance fest for Vogue and Punking/Whacking.

Her dedication to the artistic integrity of her craft has made her one of the vanguards to watch.


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